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Aluminox SA
is a manufacturer of Galley equipment specializing in professional galley equipment since1929, with a continuous and strong presence in the new buildings sector around the world.

Aluminox is a 100% family owned company and from 2001 the company is located in the industrial area of Koropi in a modern building of 13.000m2.

All these decades Aluminox succeeded to establish a worldwide network of customers and deliver successfully to shipyards around the world equipment for more than 600 new building vessels.

In the last years important extrovert development steps were made:
• In 2010 Aluminox is expanding with a new Logistics Center in China.
• In 2011 Aluminox establishes its own offices in China (Shanghai).
• In 2014 Aluminox establishes its own offices in Holland as a base for its North Europe sales activities.
• In 2015 Alunimox establishes its own offices in Korea (Busan).

The companies combine accumulated experience, flexible production and designers specialized in the latest marine specifications, safety rules and regulations.

The Vision
Aluminox aims to be number one player in the professional galley and laundry sector for commercial vessels, small and medium size passenger vessels, mega yachts and offshore projects.



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ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. is a company headquartered in Greece, established to provide turnkey Ballast Water Treatment solutions to the marine, shipping and shipbuilding industry worldwide.

ERMA FIRST aims to improve performance by being determined to innovation and excellence and holds a leading position in the global market by delivering world-class engineering solutions, establishing worldwide corporate alliances and preserving exceptional quality and ethical standards as the firm's backbone of progressive development.

The advanced ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is an autonomous and reliable solution for several types and sizes of vessels and holds Type Approval by IMO, class type approval by Lloyd’s Register and AMS acceptance letter by US Coast Guard. 

ERMA FIRST's experience in ballast water system technologies translates into appropriate engineering solutions to our clients'​most complex challenges. Our engineers and scientists meet clients’ goals for quality, ease of operation and long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost, helping clients to meet their needs.

Nowadays, ERMA FIRST has a prestigious reference list comprised of ship-owners and shipyards in Greece, China, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Japan, Korea, US, etc.


FARAD SA Heat Exchangersfarad NEW logo 1

With our headquarters and production facilities in Piraeus, Greece, we at FARAD SA Heat Exchangers, have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine and industrial tubular heat exchangers since 1979, serving both domestic and international market.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering high quality products, outstanding customer service, lifetime support, increased flexibility and competitive prices.

For over three decades we have completed successfully a large number of projects for tubular heat exchangers. Our excellent record ensures/guarantees that our capability, professionalism and expertise can be trusted.

In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, FARAD sa Heat Exchangers, maintains a wide range of products such as, Turbo charger Air Coolers, Steam-Dump Condensers, MGO Cooling Units, Heaters, Electric Heaters, Oil Coolers, Water Coolers, Freon Evaporators & Condensers. Our products are approved by all leading marine classification societies.

Setting the highest standards for our staff, our associates and our raw material manufacturers (EU Origin) while employing state of the art technology and know-how we are proud to say that we can meet any technical challenge. Our company works under a continuous improving Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008 by BV.


FEAC Engineering P.C.FEAC web

FEAC Engineering P.C. is an outsourcing engineering & consulting company specialized in Simulation Driven Product Development.

The company applies simulation expertise and operational experience, by developing and providing specialized simulation software and consulting services, to solve challenging & complex engineering problems.

Founded in 2014 and based in Greece, FEAC operates in the global market and collaborates and partners with engineering companies, authorities, product manufacturers, research centers and universities.

By licensing and using FEAC’s innovative in-house developed software package, PITHIA, combined with other Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, the company provides state-of-the-art solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing.

The experience & expertise of our professional engineers guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the provided engineering services, while contributing in the reduction of the development costs, the improvement of efficiency, the enhancement of product performance and increase competitiveness of FEAC’s clients.




HEMEXPO - Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters consists of Greek leading companies, specialized in manufacturing marine equipment and products, all investing in innovation and aiming at extroversion.

HEMEXPO companies operate advanced production plants in Greece, manned by highly competent engineers and scientific experts. The companies manufacture innovative, patented and awarded products, certified by International Classes and implementing in-house R&D for marine equipment which is related to environmental protection, electrical and electronic products, shipboard systems, galley and laundry equipment, water treatment, and construction materials. The products add significant value, offering cost effective and innovative solutions to the shipyard and the ship-owner.

The goal of HEMEXPO is to promote the marine equipment industry in Greece by supporting healthy and innovative companies to pivot in the shipbuilding industry. At the same time, HEMEXPO initiated a powerful opening for exporting to shipyards in Asia (China, South Korea and Japan) and Europe under the support of Greek ship-owners and the Greek State.



KLEEMANN is a highly regarded global manufacturer of Complete Lift Systems. Founded in 1983 in Kilkis, Greece, KLEEMANN cultivates an integrated design culture of growth, development and innovation, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the creation of fully customised lift solutions.

Annually, KLEEMANN exports to more than 100 countries worldwide and has well-established manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China. With substantial local presence in 15 countries, KLEEMANN has a global service network and covers technical support to all major ports.

Renowned for its specialised, fully integrated lift solutions, KLEEMANN designs and manufactures hydraulic and traction Complete Lift Systems, freight lifts, residential lifts, anti-vandal lifts, firefighting lifts, earthquake resistant lifts, stair lifts for people with reduced mobility, escalators and moving walks, dumbwaiters, parking lift systems, Service/crew lifts, green lifts offering energy savings of up to 60%, marine solutions and components for lift modernisation.



D. Koronakis S.A.KORONAKIS o

The Leading Rope & Wire Rope Manufacturers

Driven by a Spirit of Innovation in both Management and Product Development

D. Koronakis S.A. is the leading company in the manufacturing of ropes and wire ropes in Europe and one of the largest and most important companies in its field worldwide.

Established back in 1967 by the founders of the company Eleni and Dimitri Koronakis, the company continues to be 100% family owned serving the needs of the Shipping, Offshore Oil and Gas, Drilling and Towing, Yachting and Sailing, Fishing and Aquaculture Industries.

Since the very beginning, D. Koronakis S.A., has been driven by a spirit of innovation in both management and product development.

Our product range includes hi-tec synthetic ropes, wire and combination ropes, mooring ropes and specialized sailing and yachting ropes. Produced in Greece, all our products are globally recognized for their top quality and technical performance.

In recent years, the production units of the company have expanded, covering more than 24,000 m2 of of building areas on more than 100,000 m2 of land. The company operates a state of the art factory that is able to produce any kind of rope, of any size, quality, length or color.

In addition to the products which are produced in-house, the company keeps a large stock of anchors, chains and anchor chains, fiber slings, rigging gears and various accessories.

With our daughter company, we are also able to serve the needs of the netting and fishfarming industries.

The mission statement of the company is "to focus on customer satisfaction, worldwide coverage, custom-made design and development of unique products." To succeed in this, while also being able to respond 24/7 to our customer's needs all over the world, we have built a distribution network with our best selling products at the biggest ports worldwide: Piraeus, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Panama, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Fujairah, Durban, Cape Town, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Livorno, Tarragona, Algeciras Las Palmas.

The company is daily looking into new challenges and is equipped with machinery of latest technology. To guarantee top quality control for our products, we have established in our factory and operate the biggest Test Bench available in southern Europe.

All our products comply with International Certification  Organizations.



NanoPhos SANanoPhos Marine Logo PANTONE 001

NanoPhos SA is a 100% Greek company founded in 2005 aiming to transfer innovative nanotechnology based laboratory achievments to everyday life. NanoPhos products are the outcome of Greek reshearchers study, are prodused totaly in Greece and exported to more that 25 countries in Europe, Miidle East, Asia and America.

With the company vision «Tune the NanoWorld» leading its way, NanoPhos has decided to extend its proven scientific knowledge and 10- year expertise to the field of Shipping, under the brand name NanoPhos Marine.  Thereby, NanoPhos Marine goes one step further in the industry of marine coatings offering 29 innovative products focusing on maintenance, cleaning and hull protection. Specifically the products face common and intractable problems such as the development of fouling or corrosion due to sea-water on sea-going vessels and yachts and they also moderate the increased energy needs for cooling and heating and the cleaning costs.

NanoPhos Marine focuses on producing innovative solutions in all sectors. Antifouling coatings effective even in stationary conditions, nanostructured anticorrosives, thermal insulating, self-cleaning products and coatings with high abrasion and impact strength are some of the solutions NanoPhos can offer. NanoPhos products are innovative, of high quality and certified from international classes. 


Prisma Electronics SAprismaelectronics logo

Prisma Electronics S.A. (Prisma) is a CERN awarded innovative Greek company, in ICT, Knowledge Management Solutions and Electronics for Industrial, Aerospace and Defense applications.

Founded in 1991 Prisma has more than 20 years of experience in research and development of new solutions, collaborating with ESA, AIRBUS DS and CERN. Today international operations are supported through branches in London (UK), New York (USA), and Athens (GR).

Prisma invested in research to understand the maritime challenges and developed an advanced system for Smart Vessel Performance Monitoring to improve vessel efficiency, maintenance, safety and compliance.

LAROS is an integrated solution based on a powerful platform that provides real time data analytics for fleet and vessel efficiency, honored with the prestigious Lloyd’s Award for Technical Excellence. 

Technically LAROS is an innovative Data Collection and Analysis System providing insights through customized analytics. Retrieved data is transmitted through smart wireless collectors, manufactured by PRISMA Electronics.  The wireless system demands no wiring for vessels, reducing significantly installation costs. 

LAROS system is a versatile tool that provides diagnosis, prognosis and early warning by collecting and transmitting data to the Maritime Operations’ center anywhere in the world in real time. In this manner the vessel’s performance is increased, while the safety and efficiency of operations is significantly improved.

LAROS system with more than 230 installations on vessels worldwide is enabling data-driven decisions. Results, so far indicate that Reliable Data through LAROS platform contributes in optimization of fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.

Many international companies from the shipping world have adopted LAROS seeking increased levels of performance, environmental protection, dynamic-preventive maintenance and coordination between members of Crew and Operations.




PsyctothermPSYCTOTHERM logo copy

Psyctotherm is specialized in construction of refrigeration and A/C units , leveraging our experience in the field of marine from 1969.
We started manufacture products from 2008 , correspond to marine special conditions.

A.   Manufacturing
• Air condition Deck Units
Air Condition Packaged Units for Engine Control Room
Air Condition Condensing Units
Refrigeration Units
Split  unit - Floor or wall standing

Also, our company is specialized in manufacturing coils of custom dimensions, such as:
Direct expansion coils
Condensing coils
Chilled/hot water coils
Steam heating coils
Natural convection direct expansion coils
Unit cooler axicool series

B.  Trade
International trading services by distributing and representing famous   manufacturers of refrigeration equipment from all over the world.
We’re distributors of Dorin spare parts in Greece and importers of Dorin , Bitzer, Bock, Carrier , Dotech, Accutools ,Appion etc

C.  Services
Our company can undertake the full project from the design and analysis, to manufacturing, installation and maintenance of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems.




Raycap is a global technology solutions provider offering products and services that support and protect the world’s critical telecommunications, energy, transportation and other infrastructure.

Since 1987 Raycap has built a worldwide organization with offices and production facilities throughout Europe and in North America. The company combines advanced engineering, superior product design, systems integration and manufacturing capability with a deep understanding of the needs of the customer to create unique technological solutions for mission-critical applications. It also offers engineering services such as custom product design & site surveys, as well as warehousing, logistics, customer training and much more.

Raycap is known for integrating the latest technology with the highest quality of service. The company’s team of talented, highly experienced staff works together and with customers to find best-fit solutions. As a result, more than 50% of products delivered are custom-built for specific customer applications and to their specifications.

We never compromise on quality. From our rigorous internal and independent testing standards to our consultative, customer-focused service approach, Raycap is determined to deliver the highest quality product with the responsiveness, integrity, innovation and agility to meet the needs of the most discerning customers.




SeaBrightSeabright hemexpo book

SeaBright® has become a well known and sought brand for the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures as well as for the commerce of electrical equipment for ships. With its well-trained and experienced personnel and the close following of the technological development, our company has more or less caught up with its goal.

Our company manufacture exclusive lighting fixtures for outdoor areas, garages, engine rooms, living rooms, cabins, WC, ext. Our products are manufactured strictly aiming to meet all technological demands of costumers and delivered in the right time according to the best commercial conditions and prospects.

Our company uses A quality class materials which are guaranteed by all proportionately certificates, when required. Furthermore has been obtained ISO 9001 certification, as importance is giving to the quality of the products as much as the quality of the company. Having the know-how and the experience in the particular requirements of the shipping lighting we provide excellent results.



SELMA Ship Electric Marine Control

SELMA is a Greek engineering company established in 1987 implementing design, manufacturing & installation of Automation & Control Systems in Vessels/Shipyards Worldwide. In particular SELMA develop innovative & reliable solutions for merchant marine based on advanced marine control technology. As a global player, SELMA established an ever expanding network of agents and service partners around the world.

SELMA in 2012 released a specially designed SEES Ship Energy Efficiency System developing new modern control techniques based on intervention of ship power plant/auxiliary machinery. SEES is based on VFD Variable Frequency Drives for Auxiliary Machinery and it is an ultimate solution for energy saving with unique performance. 

SELMA offers a wide range of type approved systems designed, developed and integrated using marine industrial, heavy duty, state of the art advanced technology.

1. MSB & ESB Power Distribution Switchboards
2. Engine Room Alarm Monitoring Systems
3. Tank Level Gauging System
4. Manifold Pressure Recorders/Monitoring Systems
5. Anemometer Recorders/Monitoring Systems
6. Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection Systems
7. Cargo Holds Water Ingress Detection Systems
8. BNWAS Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems
9. Ship Energy Efficiency Control System (VFD Variable Frequency Drives)



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